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Login to the site engaged in visiting the site, in any way, using access to the Site and / or any further in a way that connects all members and visitors ("user"), this page which are arranged in Labelitcustom Website Terms of Use will comply with the advance declare, accept and undertake. This above-mentioned "User" means the member to input by or in any way to the site logged in, use the Site, viewing or any other communication device (cell phone, computer, etc.) via the Site which is attached to or through the site electronic data exchange in the any person who has found or is expressed.

II. Service Content LabelItCustom the services to be provided through the Site; Special online shop LABELITCUSTOM Planting of the products offered for sale on the site; After the price paid by members, if appropriate LabelItCustom stock status of goods in committed time to the customer by courier delivery is non-defective and undamaged.

III. General Terms and Conditions LABELITCUSTOM, accuracy and timeliness of the information available on the Site are monitored constantly. However, this information may not be current at all times should be respected by Members and Users.

LABELITCUSTOM, sorry, if no justification membership revocation is entitled to.

Sites of any intellectual property right (site information contained in articles, images, trademarks, slogans and other marks, page layout, etc.) exclusively LabelItCustom are the property. Offered on the Site intellectual property partially or completely copying, modification, publication, online or in other media by using transmission, distribution, sale clear and precisely No. 5846 on Intellectual and Selling Works Act is contrary to the will and the civil and criminal sanctions will be subjected to.

Member, the credit card is obliged to use safely. LABELITCUSTOM, breach of contract, tort, or by virtue of any other reasons, which may arise directly or indirectly is not responsible for any damages.

LABELITCUSTOM, expressed at the time, without notice may terminate this contract, may be partially or fully transferred. User or by the transfer of the contract is void. LABELITCUSTOM compelling reason, or all, depending on their own discretion and evaluation takedown Site, has the right to change the contents.

Users and Members, the public morals and manners of using the Site, and all applicable national and international laws, statutes, communications and internet security is obliged to act in accordance with. Add users to the site where all kinds of expressions, comments, text, pictures, audio and other information and documents of all kinds of public morality and manners, and in accordance with relevant national and international legislation and the content should be.

The site's software and hardware systems that can lead to damage, and could adversely affect the functioning of all acts and transactions that may lead to a slowdown is prohibited. Within the scope of the prohibitions referred to using automated programs or software to make multiple queries or membership registration opening, or via automatic methods, or information be sent to a number of requests to the site are also included.

The members of the password given to them is exclusively given to them, that they would not share passwords with others under any circumstances, for any loss or damage which may arise otherwise than agree to be responsible for themselves, and is committed to declare. When the application for membership by a member of the detection accuracy and completeness of the information provided is not the responsibility of Labelitcustom. Giving incorrect information due to membership LabelItCustom no legal responsibility for damages is not so.

LABELITCUSTOM Site Terms of Use, and the above-mentioned rules violation moving users access to the Site preventing and membership cancellation of including all safety precautions to take, and if necessary Violators to start legal proceedings the right is reserved.

Use of the Site, the site offered and provided data and information use, this data and information on the basis of conduct or access to the Site due to exposure kalinabilin be any kind of computer viruses, trojans and other malicious software (malware) including but not limited to, users, members or other third parties might incur for any reason, any and all direct and indirect damages, losses, damages and / or losses related LabelItCustom There is no civil or criminal liability. Users cited above, losses due Labelitcustom every what name whatsoever any claim or claims they would not accept in advance, and warrants are. Present "WEB SITE TERMS OF USE AND SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT" arising out of disputes Indian law is subject to the Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal Courts and Enforcement are authorized.

We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.

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